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LORENZ  DEEPMAX  Z1 detekčná zostava pozostáva z:

  • elektronická jednotka DEEPMAX Z1,
  • prenosný obal,
  • nabíjateľné externé NiMH batérie 12V9,5Ah,
  • náplecné popruhy,
  • rýchlonabíjačka so širokou škálou vstupov (90-264VAC),
  • Euro AC adaptér
  • slúchatká,
  • manuál,
  • 1m x 1m rámová cievka s popruhmi a obalom,
  •  35cm double D cievka s teleskopickým zónovým S shaftom. 


The LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 series detectors are some of the newest developments in the field of Pulse GBS metal detectors. It is probably one of the most sensitive and stable metal detecting devices of its kind presently available. The LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 is the result of many years of research and development. A lot of efforts have been put into making this new product and especially in the new improved metal classifications and automatic ground balancing facilities.

The Pulse GBS (Pulse Ground Balancing System) is especially suitable for searching at depth. The performance of this electronic device is almost unaffected by salt water, most types of mineralized grounds or temperature changes. Specially designed electronics cancel out signals from the ground while offering stable signals from the metal objects. The DEEPMAX Z1 is therefore a reliable tool to locate at great depths even under the worst environmental conditions. A new improved circuit design suppresses interference from power lines and a power pulse technique produces very accurate signals to obtain very high detection depths.

  • Highly sensitive to all kinds of metal
  • Stable operation on mineralized ground or salt water with Pulse Ground Balancing System
  • Reliable / simple operation with few controls and customized LC Display
  • Exact pinpointing with large coils
  • Very easy and effective detection of large areas
  • Rugged, refined mechanical construction with water and dust protected electronics unit
  • A variety of search coils are available for different detection purposes
  • Automatic adaptation of different coil sizes and coil designs to the electronics
  • Small unwanted metal objects can either be identified or eliminated
  • Fast audio response speed with different audio settings
  • Logarithmic audio response and intensity bar graph reading for easy pinpointing
  • Battery check with audio alarm tone
  • Calibrated static (non-motion) target classification with visual conductivity/ time delay reading
  • Improved ferrous/ non-ferrous identification
  • Precisely adjustable audio-threshold
  • Stable static response (acoustical and visual)
  • Waterproof search coils
  • Interchangeable rechargeable NIMH Battery pack for worldwide operation, declared as dry cells!
  • Fast charge electronics for worldwide operation 90-265V AC/ 50-60Hz
  • Car charger for 10-30V DC supplies available as accessory
  • Frequency and Filter function for low frequency EMI interference elimination
  • Automatic ground calibration retuning facility
  • Different Delay and Sensitivity settings to eliminate small objects or for easy pinpointing
  • Extreme detection depths for very large metal objects
  • Specialized on gold and improved detection range on low conducting metal pieces
  • Low frequency interference elimination circuitry for less interference in urban areas.
  • High dynamic range for extreme ground signals and easy pinpointing
  • Optimal performance for the detection of small objects like coins or other non-ferrous objects
  • Single or dual, induction balanced or differential coil designs can be used
  • Multi sensor trigger detection (MST) with several search coils working at the same time without interfering each other. Please ask for details.
  • Easy to use data logger function works with additional Hard- and Software kit to generate six 2D image and six 3D surface maps from the scans being taken. Each map is different depending on the electronic analysis method and therefore can be the key to the probable kind of metal buried in the ground.
  • GPS based meter, Track, Field and Compass Heading information, makes it easy to work with the data logger.
  • New search system circuitry with all new functions.
  • Signal strength bar graph, time delay reading, ferrous/ non-ferrous icons, battery condition and all the mode settings are displayed simultaneously on a large LC Display.
Lorenz s cievkou
Lorenz s cievkou

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